Wicker Bar Stools

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Wicker Bar Stools

Here you will find suppliers of wicker bar stools that will fit every taste and every budget. 

Listed here are suppliers we have found that offer high quality products and the best prices for wicker bar stools. 

Wicker bar stools are of a design that has a timeless charm.

They can be purchased in different sizes depending on the height of the bar. They also come in versions suited to handle the weather outdoor as well as those just intended for indoor use. They also have designs that are backless and those that swivel.

Here will be information that will help you when selecting wicker bar stools.

Wicker furniture has been around longer than many other types of furniture. It originated in Asian countries where people have been weaving and intertwining cane and other materials to make wicker furniture for centuries.

Wicker is actually a weaving process, not a material. Many people confused rattan and wicker. Here, we will set you straight.

Rattan is a specific material, but wicker is the process of weaving rattan or other materials into a finished product. A rattan bar stool would be made of rattan, but a wicker bar stool may use other materials like straw or bamboo slats woven around a solid rattan frame.

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In its original form, rattan is a relative of the tropical palm tree. Rattan is considered to be one of the strongest woods available, since its grain grows vertically instead of forming the concentric rings of most other hardwoods.

Because of its solid nature, Rattan makes an ideal material for the lightweight but solid furniture commonly call wicker. Sometimes wicker furniture may be 100% rattan or just the supporting frame will be rattan.

All wicker furniture and especially wicker bar stools are a great investment because they don’t break easily or weaken, especially if they are maintained well over time.

One of the reasons for the durability of wicker is that the wood used like cane is subjected to very high temperatures before it is woven into furniture.

These high temperatures not only soften the cane and make it pliable enough to be woven, but also make the resultant furniture hardy and tough.

Wicker bar stools are on top of the list when it comes to comfort. They are flexible, because the cane bends slightly over the years to fit the shape of the user.

What Size Wicker Bar Stool Do I Need?

When selecting bar stools you have to keep in mind the heighth of the bar. The best rule of thumb is that the distance between the height of the stool and the bar surface should be between 9 and 13 inches.

Bar stools are measured in heights of their seat. If the counter or bar is 30 inches you should opt for a stoll that is 18 inches. If the bar or counter top is 36-39 inches go for a stool that is 24-26 inches. Stools that are 30 inches are idal for bars that are 40-45 inches in height. Bar surfaces that are over 45 inches oiften need custom made stools.

Before selecting your wicker bar stools keep in mind how they will be used. Because they are made in different styles you will want to chose from the following versions that will suit your needs: swivel or stationary, back or backless, arms or armless, with or without seat cushions.

What is the Best Way to Maintain Wicker Bar Stools?

First off, if you are planning to use your wicker bar stools outside, make sure they have been designed for outdoor use. The wood used for bar stools of this type will have been specially treated to protect it from the weather.

In general, dry climates are not the best for wicker. Wicker likes controlled humidity.
If you want your wicker bar stools to last, be sure to keep them maintained. Wipe clean regularly any build-up of dust, pet hair and food spills. If allowed to accumulate these will, over time, contribute to weakening the wicker materials. A light vacuuming using soft brush attachments is helpful. Murphy’s Oil soap in a little water is great for wiping wicker furniture clean.

Wicker bar stools are timeless in their ancient charm and extremely versatile. Because they are lightweight, yet sturdy, they are portable and fit nicely into a variety of decors.

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